Pacific Media Expo 2012

This past weekend the C3 team attended Pacific Media Expo – an Asian entertainment convention in Los Angeles, CA. The convention itself was a blast and we had the opportunity to meet a ton of amazing cosplayers and fans! Check out our video coverage of the convention here:

The weekend also included two amazing photoshoots!

First, we headed out to the Old Zoo at Griffith Park on Saturday morning to shoot an amazing Gotham City Sirens group, featuring myself as Poison Ivy, Angi Viper as Catwoman, Steffy Quinn as Harley Quinn, and Lon Brown as Batman:

And on Sunday, I was finally able to get some great shots of my Kasumi costume from the videogame series Dead or Alive!

Matta ne~~!


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Comments (2)

  1. Onimicha

    Might i state that the so called annoying Snow White actually could be a opera singer or something like that…

    November 24, 2012
  2. Onimicha

    Whoahhh! i lust saw the newest episode of Taking shots with cosplayers…
    It´s like with every new episode it gets more explicit!
    Lady Lynn rocks!
    Is Steffy Quinn also gonna join sometime?
    What am i doing choked up in this small European country when you cool people are taking shots down there..

    November 24, 2012

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