Duff Girl // The Simpsons

Duff Girl // The Simpsons

Completed: August 2013
Worn to: Dragon*Con 2013, Salt Lake Comic Con 2013, Comikaze 2013


I love The Simpsons. Like woah, I really love The Simpsons and I have since childhood. On my first date with my boyfriend we spent at least an hour talking about our favorite episodes! Duffman has always been my favorite character – he’s a hilarious walking caricature and I simply can’t get enough of his pelvic thrusting. Even though Duffman is one of the most beloved characters in the franchise, I can’t say that I’ve seen him cosplayed very much at conventions and I’ve really never seen a Lady Duffman AKA Duff Girl (aside from those atrocious Halloween costumes you can buy). DragonCon is known as a party convention with lots of drinking and I felt Duff Girl would be the perfect costume for it. Added Bonus: I get to pelvic thrust at strangers and constantly yell “OH YEAH!” That’s what I call a win-win situation! <3


This is an insanely easy costume to make — I sewed a blue tank top and red skirt out of spandex. I attached a red cape made out of matching spandex to the tank top. The Duff patches were made by taking white spandex, ironing them onto double-sided applique tranfers and then using a SHARPIE to draw in the black Duff logo (see, super simple!). The patches were then ironed onto the top // hand stitched onto a plain red hat. BOOM. Done. The Duff beer belt is similarly easy – I ordered Duff Energy Drink cans from Amazon (I couldn’t get the Duff beer shipped into the US), poured out the disgusting ‘energy drink’ swill, and cut slits into the cans with an exacto knife (be careful, don’t cut yourself). I then reinforced the slits with athletic tape to 1) make sure the aluminum didn’t tear open and 2) make sure it didn’t cut me while I was wearing it. The cans were then slid onto a black leather belt. BOOM!! Done.

A word on my BOOBS – in an episode of The Simpsons, we are introduced to the character Titania, an obnoxiously busty and stupid female bartender. Given the ‘white-trash’ nature of Duff beer, it made sense to me that the Duff Girl spokesperson would have stupidly large boobs. I don’t actually HAVE stupidly large boobs (as you can see in many of my other costumes), so I wore a flesh-toned Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Push-Up bra (you know, the ridiculous push-up bra that promises to increase your cup size by 2 full sizes?) and then ALSO put in those rubber cutlet bra inserts that are essentially external breast implants. So, if you think my boobs look insanely artificial in this costume, congratulations! That’s what I was going for! <3

Photos by Geri Kramer Photography, SGH PhotoArt, David Ngo, AnimazeGuy-photosNXS, JWaiDesign Photography – Atlanta, GA and Palmdale, CA