Emma Frost // X-Men

Emma Frost // X-Men

Completed: September 2012
Worn to: Long Beach Comic Con 2012, IKKiCON 2012


I can’t say that this is a costume I ever really saw myself making…it seems like every comic convention has at least one girl walking around in a store-bought white corset cosplaying as Emma. But, my editor Marcello suggested the character would suit me and I, being ever-eager to make my boss happy, decided ‘Why not.’ I did know though, that if I was going to do Emma then I’d do her justice and make a legitimately good costume.On a side note, this is one of the costumes that gives me anxiety…when I wear it to cons, I’m constantly worried that I’m too naked, too sexy, look like a hooker, and will get arrested. Sigh, my brain is broken.


I rarely use purchased patterns for my costumes – I prefer to draft the pattern myself for each costume. In the case of the corset, however, I actually did follow a pattern and I think it turned out great. The corset is made of white stretch PVC, has steel boning and is fully lined. It laces in both the front and the back (I typically choose it wear the front laced fully closed, because I have more modesty than Emma).

The underwear and cape are made out of white stretch PVC as well. The cape is fully lined and have a fur caplet and rhinestone brooch at the neck. In total, the cape used about 10 yards of fabric and is my absolute favorite part of the costume. Go capes!

Photos by Gustavo Ramirez, Jonathon D. Courtot, and Geri Kramer – Long Beach//Los Angeles, CA