Lady Red Skull // Captain America

Lady Red Skull // Captain America

Completed: November 2013
Worn to: Comikaze Expo 2013


I’ve been having a blast making gender-bend cosplay outfits lately and Red Skull popped up on the list of potential costumes. I really enjoyed the Captain America film – mostly due to my love of WWII history – and thought that Hugo Weaving did an amazing job bringing Red Skull to life. During a conversation with my friend Nivi, she mentioned that she would be cosplaying female Nick Fury and I jumped on the chance to play the villain to her hero. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to make it to Comikaze this year, so I debuted Lady Red Skull on my own…but I hope to wear it with her to a convention in the future!!


The dress i s made out of stretch double knit fabric (black) with white piping. The red and black HYDRA patches were bought off of eBay and I attached them to the dress. The HYDRA belt buckle, pins, and aviation wings were purchased from DarthInvictus on Similarly, my glowing tessaract was made by CosplayProps on Etsy.

My face paint was done by the infinitely talented Eric Swartz of! Please check out his work!! I also filmed a video of the face painting process, you can view it HERE!!

Photos by Various Photographers, look at the watermarks! – Los Angeles, CA