Lady Skeletor // He-Man

Lady Skeletor // He-Man

Completed: September 2013
Worn to: Power-Con 2013


Anyone who even casually knows me is aware that I am obsessed with skulls. I collect skulls and skull artwork, I stare at them constantly, and I doodle them nonstop! I am also a huge fan of 80s cartoons and He-Man was definitely a favorite of mine as a child. As an adult, I enjoy collecting Masters of the Universe toys and – in general – I just love Skeletor. Clearly, as you Ninjas have noticed, I really enjoy megalomaniac villains bend on world domination and/or destruction. MYAHHHH!


I posted a detailed tutorial of how I made the costume HERE!

I posted the face painting sequence HERE! Face paint by Eric Swartz of!


1st Place – PowerCon 2013 Costume Contest

Photos by F.J. Photography, York in a Box, Cosplay Corral – Torrance, CA