Madame Hydra // Marvel

Madame Hydra // Marvel

Completed: December 2013
Worn to: Photoshoots


I love HYDRA (the logo is a skull and tentacles, so it’s basically my personal crest) and have cosplayed members of the organization before (both Silver Fox and Lady Red Skull). I had some metallic green spandex/lycra on my fabric shelf and decided to made Madame Hydra AKA Viper. I love her character, but I also really thought that she would match perfectly with a Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter that I was planning on using in a photoshoot. Being able to shoot Madame Hydra with a Zero and to use her as a foil to my pin up Captain America costume was truly my main inspiration for making this costume!


Another 3-hour cosplay!! Body suit and matching gloves are made from metallic dark green spandex/lycra. The belt is metallic gold/bronze vinyl, reinforced with interfacing, with a HYDRA patch on the front as an impromptu belt buckle. The patch was one that I had extra from my Red Skull cosplay. BOOM – done!

Photos by Darshelle Stevens, Saffels Photography, Geri Kramer Photography, Jeff Williams Photography – Camarillo and Palmdale, CA