Psylocke // X-Men

Psylocke // X-Men

Completed: July 2012
Worn to: AniMegaCon 2012, WonderCon 2013


Who doesn’t love Betsy Braddock? I also think that Psylocke’s design is one of the most visually appealing and downright cool outfits in the Marvel Universe…simply put, it looks awesome and that probably explains why I have made so many deviations of this costume. But in all honesty, I’m pretty convinced that this version of Psylocke looks good on absolutely every body-type out there. SO SEXY! I had both the black and blue/purple versions of Psylocke laying around my house and Jonathon D. Courtot and Angi were gracious enough to help me capture a ‘twin Psylocke’ photoshoot.


Construction is pretty straight forward – SPANDEX! Spandex leotard, gauntlets, arm/legs straps and bootcover! Then add in a sash! Psylocke isn’t really a technically complex costume and I’d definitely recommend it as a good ‘starter’ costume for any newbie cosplayers out there!

Photos by Jonathon D. Courtot – Los Angeles, CA