Nurse // Silent Hill

Nurse // Silent Hill

Completed: October 2013
Worn to: Various Halloween Parties


Man, who doesn’t like Silent Hill? I adored the game in high school – even though it’s so dark and creepy that it basically scares the sh*t out of me every time I attempt to play it! A few years back, Silent Hill was a very popular game to cosplay and the bubble-head nurses were definitely the most commonly cosplayed of the characters. I actually have had the dress since 2009 (my senior year of college) but I didn’t get around to making the mask and photographing the finished costume until October 2013. Hooray for being a costume hoarder! And I’m happy the dress still fits!


I have posted a detailed tutorial on how I made the dress and the mask HERE!

My lovely nurse companion is Silhouette Realm Cosplay!

Photos by Geri Kramer Photography – Palmdale, CA